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By Unknown - Sunday, March 10, 2013

Globalization is a special phenomenon in human civilization that moves on the global community and is part of the global human process.The presence of information technology and communication technology accelerated the process of globalization is accelerating. Globalization touches all the important aspects of life. Globalization creates new challenges and issues that must be addressed, solved in an attempt harness globalization for the benefit of life. 

Globalization has many interpretations from different perspectives. Some people interpret globalization as a process of downsizing the world or make the world as befits a small village. Some others say that globalization is the unification efforts of the world community in terms of lifestyle, orientation, and culture. In the development of globalization causes many problems in the field of culture, for example, the loss of the original culture of a region or a country, the erosion of cultural values, declining sense of nationalism and patriotism, loss of familial nature and mutual assistance, loss of confidence, and westernized lifestylewesterlies.

Besides today's society is experiencing a severe invasion of pornography in the form of tabloid products, magazines, books in print, television, radio, and is primarily free circulation VCD. Both are coming from abroad or produced themselves. Although media pernografi not new to Indonesia, but never in a wide scale now. Even some foreigners think Indonesia as "heaven pornography" because it's very easy to get the products and the price is cheap pornography. And another example for example, we take a walk in the mall or in public places is very easy to meet Indonesian women dressed in skimpy and spit genitalia. Where the culture is so contrary to the norms that exist in Indonesia. Not to mention the rampant life of free sex among teenagers today. Evidenced by the cast porn video is people of Indonesia.

Here the government is expected to be active not indifferent to see the development of Indonesian society. Appeal and if necessary prohibit many people lunge yabg behaved improperly. For example, when President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono suggested that television did not celebrate premises rocking erotic navel or belly look. It turned out quite felt the impact, which is not a lot of television show scantily clad artist

From the description and explanation above, it can be concluded that the impact of globalization in fact very influential on the attitudes and culture of Indonesia globalizing world where the phenomenon must be addressed with wisdom and positive thinking because of globalization and modernization is necessary and beneficial to progress. But we should not be careless and complacent, because the era of openness and freedom that also have negative effects that will damage the nation's culture.Resisting globalization is not the right choice, because that means hinder the progress of science and technology. It must be intelligence in the filtering effects of globalization. Access the advancement of information technology and communications can be used as conservationists and developers lokal.Jati cultural values ​​embedded themselves in the region should continue to Indonesian public spirit, and must continue, increasing religious values.

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